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What are the Normal Blood Sugar Levels in the Body

Having normal blood sugar levels in the body is very important because it can support the body's performance and keep you healthy. But do you know what normal blood sugar levels you should have? Actually normal blood sugar levels do not stick to one standard number. These levels can change as before and after you eat or also when it's time to sleep. Normal Blood Sugar Levels After eating, your digestive system will break down carbohydrates into sugar or glucose which can be absorbed by the bloodstream. These substances are very important for the energy source of your body's cells. Blood flows this sugar to the body's cells to make it energy. However, this sugar must pass through a 'door' to enter these cells. The hormone that plays a role in opening the 'door' is insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas. After entering the cell, these sugars will be burned into energy that you can use. More sugar will be stored in the liver for later use. The
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Recognize the Causes of Sprue in the Gums and How to Prevent it

Thrush is often characterized by reddish oval or circular wounds with a white, gray or yellow central part surrounded by a red line. Various areas on the surface in the oral cavity can be the place of the emergence of canker sores, no exception to canker sores on the gums. Wherever it is located, the presence of canker sores is very disturbing and can cause pain. It is important to always maintain oral hygiene and gums, to avoid thrush in the gums or other parts of the oral cavity. Various Possible Causes Thrush in the gums caused by a number of conditions similar to thrush on the tongue, lips, or palate and the walls of the oral cavity. Here are some reasons: Mouth injury. Injuries are generally caused by accidentally biting certain parts of the oral cavity or brushing teeth too hard, so that the gums get injured, which can then lead to infection. The content of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in toothpaste or mouthwash can also trigger the growth of canker sores. Nutritional def

This is itching medicine in the groin that needs to be known

Itchy inner thighs can be cured with over-the-counter groin medications or by prescription from a doctor. This condition is generally caused by a fungal infection. Itching in the groin or also called tinea cruris, usually caused by tinea fungal infections. This fungus thrives in areas of the body that are warm and moist, for example in the folds of the inner thigh (groin), genitals, and buttocks. These complaints often occur in people who sweat a lot, often wear tight pants, have certain diseases such as diabetes or a weakened immune system, and in obese people. Men are said to experience these symptoms more often but women can also experience them. If there are complaints you need an itch in the groin appropriate to overcome them. Itching in the groin can spread from one person to another, and is very easy to spread. Can be through direct contact from skin to skin, because using the same clothes or towels with people with fungal infections, or it could also be because we have suff

5 Important Reasons to Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C has always been known to have many uses for the body, including maintaining endurance and skin health. Vitamin C is known to be safe for consumption and easy to obtain. Both of food intake and also in supplements, as a useful supplement of nutritional intake. Vitamin C or often called ascorbic acid is a type of nutrient that is soluble in water and is not produced by the body. Sources of vitamin C can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, or if necessary from vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is needed for development and maintain the functioning of organs. Vitamin C also plays an important role in maintaining immune function. Important Reasons for Taking Vitamin C Vitamin C has many benefits for body health and skin beauty, including: Increase endurance and help the recovery process. Various complaints such as coughs and colds can be prevented by fulfilling the need for vitamin C in the body, especially when fatigue or when doing heavy activities. As an antioxidant

Lumps Appear On The Hand, This Is Possible Cause

Lumps in the hands are quite common and can be caused by many things, are generally mild and do not cause serious health problems. However, immediate examination is still needed, especially if the lump causes discomfort and pain or difficulty moving the hand. It is important to recognize the various possible causes of the lump in the hand, so that you can take the initial steps of the examination and treatment. This initial examination can then be complemented by radiological examination and biopsy procedures to determine whether the lump is from a malignancy or not. Below are a number of possible causes of a lump on the hand. Ganglion cyst A lump in the hand can be a symptom of a ganglion cyst. Ganglion cysts are cysts that form in the joints or tendons, such as the hands, fingers, or wrists. The cyst, which generally appears on the back of the wrist, feels like a soft lump like a springy jelly. Although the cause is not known for certain, but this condition usually arises afte